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These resources can help you to understand your Local Lingo lessons. 



Getting Started

Lesson One

  • Let's Talk about You and Me

  • Worldview: A Good Beginning

Lesson Two

  • Let’s Talk About Our Families

  • Worldview: A Shameful Choice

Lesson Three

  • Let’s Talk About Our Homes

  • Worldview: A Promise of Rescue

Lesson Four

  • Let’s Talk About Our Community

  • Worldview: A Victorious Savior-King

Lesson Five

  • Let’s Talk About Shopping

  • Worldview: A New Beginning

Lesson Six

  • Let’s Talk About Dining Out

  • Worldview: Where did people and our world come from?

Lesson Seven

  • Let’s Talk About Healthcare

  • Worldview: What is our purpose in life?

Lesson Eight

  • Let’s Talk About Jobs and Occupations

  • Worldview: Why are there problems and suffering in this world?

Lesson Nine

  • Let’s Talk About Sports and Hobbies

  • Worldview: Will our lives and world ever get better? 

Lesson Ten

  • Let’s Talk About Celebrations and Vacations

  • Worldview: Five Key Points about Christian Worldview

lesson one
lesson two
lesson three
lesson four
lesson five
lesson six
lesson seven
lesson eight
lesson nine
lesson ten
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