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It's easy to launch a Local Lingo class

These steps will equip you to warmly welcome, serve pressing English needs, and share the gospel with the international neighbors God has brought to your community.


Hop on a welcome call

Starting something new can be overwhelming. That's why we've designed quick and easy 30-minute Zoom calls to welcome you to Local Lingo. You'll be joined by other individuals looking to establish ESL classes at their church. We'll run through what you need to get started and answer any questions that you might have. 

Click here to sign up to join a welcome call. 


Join the network

Once you've heard all about the Local Lingo and agree that it will be a good fit for your local church (in consultation with your elders), you can subscribe to the network by clicking here. Joining the network will give you access to our teacher training modules, promotional materials and discounts on teacher's guides and student workbooks. 

Click here to join the Local Lingo network. 


Train your team

The next step is to gather a small team of teachers at your local church (don't worry, nobody needs to have ESL teaching experience). We suggest that you choose men and women who are friendly, warm, hospitable, and who desire to see internationals come to know Christ. 

As a group proceed through the teacher training modules. Once you've gone through the training you'll:

  • be prepared to promote the classes in your local church and in the community, 

  • understand the pedagogy and heart behind serving internationals through ESL classes, 

  • be ready to set-up and teach Local Lingo classes

Click here to sign-up for teacher training.


Teach classes

This is your opportunity to engage with a growing number of internationals in your community who have come from all corners of the world.  Remember that the Local Lingo ESL content and curriculum is designed to help churches create in-roads into international communities so that immigrants, refugees and newcomers can hear the gospel, adjust to their community, grow in their English language ability and ultimately thrive in their new home.

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